Developer 101 - Introduction to Enonic


👋 Hi, and welcome to this in-depth tutorial to get familiar with Enonic. The guide is aimed at people new to Enonic, covering everything you need to know for a flying start.

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Below is an overview of the various chapters in this guide.

Installing tools and initial setup
Setting up your development environment

Starting from scratch, this chapter takes you through how to install all the necessary tools to get started with XP development.


The fundamentals of Enonic XP development: sandboxes and the Enonic CLI.

App development

Learn how to create XP projects and how to build and deploy your apps to an XP instance.

Working with content
Content and content types

Content types are one of the most essential building blocks of XP. Get familiar with what they are and how to create and use them in this chapter.

Headless API

What is a headless CMS without an API? Learn about the Guillotine library and the powers it unlocks here!

Media and images

How does XP deal with images and other media? This chapter covers XP media support, how to upload and query for media, and how to work with images.

Input types

Take your content types to the next level with more advanced input types. Learn how to configure input types, what kinds there are, and how to link content together!

Advanced content modelling

XP has a number of ways to group inputs together. Learn all about them in this chapter.

Rich text: HtmlArea

Rich text is an incredibly powerful editing tool and an important part of the XP experience. Learn how to configure it here!


X-data is a way for you to add extra data to all your content types in a simple manner. This chapter covers what it is and how to use it.

Deployment and next steps
Deployment and next steps

How do you actually deploy Enonic XP and use it for more than local development? And where do you go from here to learn more?