Set up Google Analytics


Set up Google Analytics

  1. Go to and link your google account to Google Analytics.

  2. Set up an account inside Google Analytics.

    Give your account name of the organization or another name that represents all sites/pages that will be included.

    Blue create account button
  3. Add a new property

    1. On the property tab put the name of the site (eks: to be analysed into the "Property name" field

      Property name field with a placeholder site filled in
    2. open the advanced options:

      Blue button/text "show advanced options"
    3. This app uses the Universal Analytics property. So select this option:

      • Choose: 'Create a Universal Analytics property only':

        Create universal analytics property with the "create a universla Analytics property only" selected
      • Then you can create a new property:

        Blue create property button
  4. Now we can get the Tracking ID from our newly created property:

    Tracking id from the property page

Download the analytics app from the market

  1. Log in to your XP admin and open the Applications tool:

  2. Press Install button to open up the dialog with the list of all apps from the Enonic Market and use the filter to locate the Google Analytics app.

    • When you have found the application press the green Install button to add it.

      Install application inside the application admin tool
    • This text should pop up at the bottom:

      Pop up showing the Google Analytics app is installed successfully
  3. Application should say "Installed".

Add to site

Now we have it installed on the system, but not added to a specific site yet.

  1. Navigate to Content Studio and edit edit the site you have set up the analytics for.

  2. In the applications dropdown find Google Analytics app and select it with a checkbox, then click "Apply":

    Content studio site configuration showing the applications dropdown and Google Analytics App selected

Configure the app

We need to configure the app to make Google Analytics work.

  1. Open the app configuration:

    Red bar showing the Google Analytics needs additional configuration
  2. Add the tracking id (UA-XXXXX) id to the "Tracking id" field inside the configuration pop up:

    Google Analytics configuration: Tracking Id shows a placeholer UA Code
  3. Press Apply to send page data to google analytics (tracking data might be delayed when first activated)

The steps above will add Google Analytics to your site. We have additional analytics information available in our widget, but this needs to be set up.

Setup widget Setting up the widget includes changes to server configuration files.