Kubernetes Operator for Enonic XP


The Enonic XP Kubernetes Operator is a piece of software runs on top of Kubernetes to help you manage your XP deployments. It builds on the operator pattern provided by Kubernetes.

BETA release: The operator is currently in development. That applies to every aspect related to it, i.e. CRDs, Helm chart, deployment strategies, etc. It should not be used for production deployments yet. Expect non-backwards compatible changes and potential dataloss during upgrades while using development versions of the operator.


Creating a simple XP deployment is quite easy, but it quickly gets more complicated when you try to create production grade clusters. Add on top the complexity of how Kubernetes works and you quickly can get into trouble. The operator removes that complexity for you, and makes it easy to create and manage complex deployments with ease.


Take a look at the usage section see how to use the operator.


Before you can start using the operator you have to:

  • Have a running Kubernetes cluster, version 1.19+. If you need one, you can look at our minikube guide.

  • Install the operator according to the installation guide.

Supported XP versions

The operator only supports Enonic XP v7.13.0 and newer.