Admin Engine


Admin Engine

The admin engine is a core part of the XP runtime. It enables developers to extend the functionality of the XP Admin Console with custom admin apps.


Enonic XP provides a pluggable administrative interface, known as the Admin Console. The Admin console by default available on //<server>:<port>/admin/ (i.e. "localhost:8080/admin/").

The admin engine handles all requests to admin apps. Like the Webapp Engine and Site Engine, the admin engine is based directly on the XP Framework.

Admin tools

By default, XP ships with two standard admin tools, as described in the Admin Console documentation

Each tool has its own icon in the launcher panel. Admin tools are launched in their own separate browser tabs, running independently of any other admin components.

Compared to a basic webapp, the following

  • A single XP application may contain multiple admin tools

  • Access to an admin tool typically requires authentication, and particular role memberships

  • Admin tools are all served within the admin URL pattern. i.e. //<server>:<port>/admin/tool/<tool-name>