Enonic XP 7.0.0 documentation


Enonic XP 7.0.0 documentation

Welcome to the Enonic XP reference documentation

This documentation is currently under construction, and will be completed with the release of XP 7. The XP 6 documentation will not be migrated to the new developer portal.


Visit the introduction, read about XP applications or the various platform features such as the XP runtime, XP Storage, IAM or the CMS.

Quick start? Visit our Getting Started section to install Enonic CLI, the XP development kit and build your first XP application in a few minutes.

Release notes

Curious about whats new, or how to upgrade from a previous version of XP? Check out the release notes.

General reference

For best practice, examples and detailed insight, visit the General reference section.


For detailed specifications of our various platform APIs, visit the API section