Installing the Enonic XP Development Environment


Quickly get the Enonic XP Developer Environment running on Windows, Mac or Linux!

If you experience problems, check out the Troubleshooting section.

This guide is also availalable as a video. Watch the video below, or continue reading:

Get the Java Development Kit

To run Enonic XP in development mode, you need the Java Development Kit (JDK) 1.8.92 JDK or newer installed. NB! XP currently dos not support Java 1.9.

Check your JDK Version

If you are unsure what JDK version you have (or even if you have one), run the following in your terminal/shell:

javac -version

This should produce a response such as: javac 1.8.0_112

Having problems with your existing Java installation? Check out our troubleshooting section

Install the JDK

If it turns out you’re on the wrong Java version, or missing it completely, follow these steps:

  1. Accept the License Agreement

  2. Select the distribution that fits your operating system

  3. Install JDK by following the instructions

Installing Enonic XP

Enonic XP is available in a simple universal distribution file - supporting all platforms (Windows, Linux, MacOS etc)

  1. Download Enonic XP from (Choose developer distribution). Here you can also find information about the latest release.

    Download Developer Distribution
  2. Unzip the file to a suitable location

Alternatively run the command-line version (MacOS/Linux only), replace <release> with the version you want i.e. 6.13.1

curl -O<version>/distro-<release>.zip
unzip distro-<release>.zip

Start the server

Run the respective commands to start the server:


Windows users can run xp-install-folder\bin\server.bat

When successfully started, the following will appear at the end of the log:

12:53:14.302 INFO  c.e.x.l.framework.FrameworkService - Started Enonic XP in **** ms
  • Your server should now be available on http://localhost:8080

  • Log into the admin console with username: su and password: password


Verify that you comply with the minimum requirements for running XP on your local machine

  • Any OS supporting the required version of Java (Mac, Linux, Windows etc)

  • At least 1 GB of available memory

  • HTTP port 8080 should be available (this can be changed if needed, see :ref:`configuration`)