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Being a niche open source company, our focus on code and test automation make us agile and fast. Don't take our word for it - trust our ISO-27001 certification, we are serious about security too.

That said, we're everyting but boring. Work hard 👊 - play hard! 🚀

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Enonic XP v7.8.5 and v7.9.1 have been released

2 weeks ago

Just as the XP 7.9.0 release flew from our hands to the vast spaces of the Net, we were aproached by one of our customers who struggled with a problem affecting their cluster. The problem ... Read More

Reminder: Webinar tomorrow (Wednesday 4th)

2 weeks ago

Enonic + Next.js: Changing headless CMS forever Welcome to this 1-hour hands-on session to show you how Next.js works together with Enonic to enable content management with landing page e ... Read More

Officeleague 3.2.0

2 weeks ago

We have done some much needed bugfixing and added slack integration into Officeleague. Its now possible to send a slack message when a game is started and finished. This feature is turned ... Read More