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Being a niche open source company, our focus on code and test automation make us agile and fast. Don't take our word for it - trust our ISO-27001 certification, we are serious about security too.

That said, we're everyting but boring. Work hard 👊 - play hard! 🚀

Fresh from Enonic Market

Guillotine App

Go headless - instantly access your content via GraphQL API


Guillotine Library

Adds a headless CMS GraphQL API to your site


Http Client Lib

HTTP communication


Content Studio

The ultimate CMS interface for Enonic XP

2 days ago

Latest NEWS

Lib-http-client version 3.2.2 has been released


New version of lib-http-client fixes one issue with content-length header not being sent even if the body size is known. 1 post - 1 participant Read full topic ... Read More

Enonic XP 7.12.1 and Content Studio 4.5.1 have been released


Hi all! We have released Enonic XP 7.12.1 and Content Studio 4.5.1. These releases have some important bug fixes. Please check them out in our change logs: XP: Enonic XP v7.12.1 change ... Read More

Azure ID provider v2.0.0

2 days ago

The Azure ID provider has been released in a new version at Enonic Market. This moves the configuration from the data layer in XP (the config form in the Users app) to a config file on d ... Read More