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Being a niche open source company, our focus on code and test automation make us agile and fast. Don't take our word for it - trust our ISO-27001 certification, we are serious about security too.

That said, we're everyting but boring. Work hard 👊 - play hard! 🚀

Fresh from Enonic Market

Content Studio

The ultimate CMS interface for Enonic XP

A week ago

Superhero Blog

Create your very own Superhero theme blog to run on Enonic XP.

A week ago

License Manager

License management tool for XP

2 weeks ago

License Lib

Allow developers to control where and how their applications are able to run.

2 weeks ago

Latest NEWS

Content Studio 4.5.3 has been released!

A week ago

We have released a new bug fix version of Content Studio. In this release we have loosened up regular expressions for URLs and enabled adding links to content outside of current site in t ... Read More

Removing Nashorn dependencies

2 weeks ago

As a part of preparations to upgrading XP to Java 17 we are starting to remove Nashorn dependencies in our apps and libraries. The first batch that has been upgraded and released contains ... Read More

Enonic CLI 2.5.0 has been released!

3 weeks ago

We have released a new version of Enonic CLI! The main focus of this release has been simplification of a new Enonic project creation: New ā€œenonic create <project name>ā€ command wi ... Read More