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Being a niche open source company, our focus on code and test automation make us agile and fast. Don't take our word for it - trust our ISO-27001 certification, we are serious about security too.

That said, we're everyting but boring. Work hard 👊 - play hard! 🚀

Fresh from Enonic Market

Explorer Lib

6 days ago


Search platform - aggregate and search data from different sources

6 days ago

Content Studio

The ultimate CMS interface for Enonic XP

A week ago


Augmentable GraphQL Content API for Enonic XP

A week ago

Latest NEWS

Lib and App Explorer 4.4.2 Released

6 days ago

Lower the severity from error to warning for some log messages Enonic Market Explorer Lib Enonic Market ... Read More

Content Studio 5.1.4 has been released!

A week ago

Last Friday we released a new patch version of Content Studio which contains a handful of fixes for small bugs, some of which were reported by the Community. Thank you for helping us impr ... Read More

CLI 2.8.1 has been released!

2 weeks ago

A new bug fix release of Enonic CLI fixes two issues: enonic cloud app install would only deploy an app once enonic create myproject would not automatically pick up the provided project ... Read More