Developer quickstart

Create, build and deploy your first app in minutes

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1: Install Enonic CLI

Open Terminal app and run the following command:

brew tap enonic/cli
brew install enonic

Not yet familiar with the MacOS package manager Homebrew?
Get it from

...or manually download the CLI executable for MacOS

Open Powershell and run the following command:

scoop bucket add enonic
scoop install enonic

Not yet familiar with Scoop, the command line installer for Windows?
Get it from

...or manually download the CLI executable for Windows

Open your Shell and run the following command:

wget -qO- | sh

..optionally, use Snapcraft:

sudo snap install enonic

NOTE: Developers report build problems with the Snapcraft distro due to strict security policies, use the binary distro above if you experience such problems.

2. build your first app

This command uses "headless movie database" as a template, leave out -r for more options.

enonic project create -r app-hmdb
cd myproject
enonic project deploy

Local dev environment is now available on http://localhost:8080

Tip: Go with the default options when prompted by CLI

3: Deploy to the cloud

NOTE: Sign up for free on Enonic Cloud and choose the 'CMS Essentials' template before running the commands below.

enonic cloud login
enonic cloud app install

Tip: Choose 'Production' if there are multiple install targets available

See the result

- In Cloud console: Your solution -> Production environment ->  Log in
- After logging in:  XP menu -> Content Studio -> Headless demo

Screenshot of Content Studio showing the Uma Thurman content selected

Tip: See instructions to access the API, or go live - select the HMDB root item for more info

Next steps 

Congratulations on building and deploying your first app :-). Here are our recommended next steps:

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