Build and deploy your first app in minutes

Three steps to install our CLI, SDK, create and deploy your first app

Step 1 - Install Enonic CLI

Open Terminal app and run the following command:

brew tap enonic/cli
brew install enonic

Not yet familiar with the MacOS package manager Homebrew?
Get it from

...or manually download the CLI executable for MacOS

Open Powershell and run the following command:

scoop bucket add enonic
scoop install enonic

Not yet familiar with Scoop, the command line installer for Windows?
Get it from

...or manually download the CLI executable for Windows


Create a project - use "Vanilla starter" for a clean project, or go with something else:

enonic project create

Use the default options, or specify your own.

NB! Accept setting up an XP sandbox when asked

STEP 3 - Build and deploy

Go to the newly created project folder, build and deploy the application:

cd mytest
enonic project deploy

NB! When the XP sandbox has started, go to:

Wrapping up...

You just installed our SDK, built and deployed your first project. Sweet!

To finish the setup, complete the following tasks:

1. login

Create administrator user now, or do it later

Screenshot of the initial XP login - with ability to skip creation of user


Install useful apps at the end of the tour

Image showing the last step of XP tour - Install apps

3. APP

Open "Applications" tool to see your app

Screenshot of the main menu for Enonic XP

Now what?

Starter docs

Depending on the project template (aka starter) you selected in step 2, check out it's documentation to learn more.

Reference documentation

Then, you might benefit from looking into the docs listed below:
For more insight and discovering hidden gems, visit the documentation section.

Hands on guides

To get the "real stuff" done, our practical guides is the way to go, a selection is listed below.
For more, visit the guides section.

Enonic Market

Simply the best place to discover apps, libraries and starters for Enonic XP:


Get help and share your knowledge through our various community channels


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Stay up2date and chat with other XPeers:


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