Headless CMS for Enonic XP - Project Guillotine


Get instant access to XP’s Content API and query language over GraphQL


Project Guillotine adds a headless CMS GraphQL API to your site.

Guillotine builds on the following components:

  • Enonic XP - The core platform

    • Content API - CMS core embedded in Enonic XP

    • Site engine - Delivery engine for Guillotine

  • Content Studio - CMS Authoring interface

Quickstart! Check out the Headless CMS intro for the fastest way to start building headless Enonic sites with project Guillotine.

Why headless XP?

In addition to being a highly capable headless CMS, Enonic XP provides the following benefits:

  • Bulk and cherry-pick publishing

  • Mature and rich content modelling capabilities

  • Developer appraised SDK that runs on a standalone computer

  • Tree structures and document level access control

  • Fully programmable and customisable preview

  • Supports visual landing page authoring with typed components

  • Dynamically generated and strongly typed API

  • Real-time event streaming over websockets (GraphQL Subscriptions)

  • API and access to it can be customized

  • Developers are in full control of API versioning

  • Hybrid - capable of acting as a traditional CMS as well

  • Supports on premises deployment

  • 100% Open Source


With a running instance of Enonic XP installed, you will need to deploy the API on the platform. There are essentially two ways of deploying: by embedding Guillotine witin your app, or by installing the Guillotine application.


Once deployed, you get access to a range of capabilities, from running queries and following references to activating subscriptions.

Learn more about the API, and how to use it.

Advanced topics

By embedding Guillotine, you may take control over where it is deployed, who can access it and even customise the API.