Installing Enonic CLI


The CLI is available for Mac, Linux and Windows. To install the CLI on your local device, visit our downloads page or follow the instructions below

MacOS installation

  1. Enonic CLI is available from the Homebrew package service. With Homebrew installed, run the following command in your terminal app to add enonic to homebrew known repositories:

    brew tap enonic/cli
  2. Now you can install CLI by running:

    brew install enonic
  3. If you later want to update the CLI, simply run:

    brew upgrade enonic

Linux installation

Install with script

Open the Shell and run the following:

wget -qO- | sh

Install from Snapcraft

Open the Shell and run the following:

$ sudo snap install enonic

Install via direct download

If you know exact version you need, you can download CLI binary directly from our repository:

curl -O

Windows installation

There are two ways to install CLI on windows

Install using Scoop

  1. After having Scoop command-line installer installed, open command prompt and add CLI github repo to scoop known repositories with the following command:

    scoop bucket add enonic
  2. Now you can install CLI by running:

    scoop install enonic
  3. Updating CLI is done with the following comand:

    scoop update enonic

Windows native installer

To download the latest available CLI and install it on your PC with native installer:

  1. Download windows installer.

  2. Run it and follow the wizard instructions.

  3. If you need to update the CLI later, just run the installer once again to fetch the latest version.

Upgrading Enonic CLI

To update, start by running the enonic latest command. This will report if there are upgrades available, and also how to update for your specific OS.

$ enonic latest

You are using the latest version of Enonic CLI: 1.3.0