React4XP - Configuration - Run time


Application configuration file



react4xp.ssr.maxThreads = 5

If this override value is not set, the number of threads (renderers) used for simultaneous SSR requests is determined by java, by…​


…​but ssrMaxThreads sets this number manually instead.


React4xp builds a globals bundle, which MUST contain all assets NEEDED to render server-side. By default it contains react and react-dom, but more assets can be added.

By default the globals bundle is also provided to the client-side, but you can disable the serving of the globals bundle to the client-side by adding the following to ${XP_HOME}/config/${app}.cfg.

	react4xp.serveGlobals = false

Note: Keep in mind the assets in the globals bundle are still REQUIRED for clientSide rendering to work, so you have to provide those assets by other means, for example via CDN.