Booster - Smart cache for Enonic sites


Supercharge sites rendered with the Enonic framework


Booster caches pages rendered with the Enonic framework/site engine. It is useful for sites that have a lot of traffic, or simply for getting faster pages.

Booster is built to be highly effective, without the typical side-effects of html caching - meaning it will automatically determine what content can be cached, and automatically invalidate cache when content is published.

Booster will not work without a valid Enonic license

Ignore booster if

If you are using 3.rd party front-end frameworks, or doing heavy server-side personalization - Booster is probably not relevant.


Here are the essential capabilities provided:

  • Enable on a per site level

  • Control default TTL per site

  • Exclude specific paths from cache

  • Only caches published content (ignores draft items)

  • Invalidates cache on application install

  • Invalidates cache on content publish

  • Invalidate cache via UI or API

  • Serves Brotli or Gzip compressed content

  • Cache is shared across entire XP cluster

  • Cache survives XP restart

  • Excludes named query parameters from cache key

  • Caches only specific MIME types (defaults to html/xhtml)

  • Implements 304 Not Modified headers

  • Respects max-age and s-maxage headers

  • Optionally control downstream cache headers

  • Control cache size (max items in cache)

  • Provides Cache-Status and Age headers

  • Mitigates thundering herd via request collapsing