Getting Started


Explorer requires Enonic XP in order to run. It can also be tested on a local developer environment.


To get started, simply install Explorer to your XP instance. Explorer is available from Enonic market.


To activate scheduling, add the following configuration file.

If you are running an XP cluster, only one of the nodes must have this configuration. Running collector jobs on multiple nodes can trigger race conditions.
cron = true #Default is false

Explorer admin

From the XP admin console, you should now be able to access the explorer admin, via a fresh entry in the XP menu.

Only users with the role "system.admin", or "com.enonic.explorer" (created when explorer was installed) can see and access Explorer’s admin interface.
Sample screenshot from Explorers admin inteface

Collecting some data

When first installing Explorer there is no data to available for searching.

To get started, lets can use the built-in Web crawler collector.

  1. Select the Collections page from the Explorer Menu.

  2. Click the create button:

  3. Give the Collection a name, i.e. "Example"

  4. Choose the Web crawler collector in the collector dropdown menu:

  5. Provide a starting URL, for example:

  6. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Submit.

  7. Your newly created Collection should appear in the list of Collections.

  8. Click the green download from cloud icon to the right to start collecting data.

    Be careful not to harass webservers, your ip might become blocked by them.
  9. To view the status of the job, select the Collections Status page from the Explorer Menu


With some data indexed, you can try running a simple search.

From the main page, use the big search field to see if you get any hits in your recently collected data.



You have now successfully setup a collection and filled it with data. We now recommend looking into the following: