Query Playground


Access and test the API via the embedded API browser.

Content Studio Extension

Guillotine extends Content Studio with a new panel called Query Playground. It is only accessible for users with the system.admin or cms.admin roles.

Enonic SDK

When using Enonic SDK, Query Playground is also available directly on the project URL: http://localhost:8080/site/<project>;.

It can also be enabled for production servers via configuration.

API browser

Query Playground lets you access the detailed documentation, and perform queries in context of your content:

Query playground interface
Left panel

GraphQL API documentation

Center panel

Edit your GraphQL query

Right panel

Displays query results

Branch selector

Toggle between querying Draft and Master branches

Each query is executed in a specific context, which is determined by the project and the branch.

Query example

Try out this query for a start.

  1. Paste the query below inside the left panel.

  2. Click on the query play button above

  3. The service response is displayed in the center panel

Retrieve the displayName and type of the root items.
 	getChildren(key:"/") {

There are more examples available in the Usage section.