Project Guillotine 6


Guillotine turns Enonic XP into a headless CMS by adding a GraphQL content API on top of every content project

Quickstart! For hands on usage of Enonic XP, check out the Developer 101 tutorial.


Guillotine is available as an application on Enonic Market!

The Guillotine API is essentially a strongly typed GraphQL read-only version of XP’s internal JS Content API. In addition to the API, Guillotine adds a new panel to Content Studio, allowing privileged users to query the API in context of their content.


Guillotine automatically provisions endpoints to access the API.

Learn how to access the API


A basic introduction to using the API, with hands on example queries.

Learn more about how to use the API.


How to invoke the API from Content Studio, via cURL, or from JavaScript.

Learn more about GraphQL and how to invoke the API from different clients.


Guillotine provides a set of standard fields, but also dynamically generates GraphQL Types based on the installed schemas.

Learn more about the standard schema types.


Guillotine is also available as a library version, which for advanced use-cases may be embedded into your app. It lets you take control over the endpoints, detailed access control, as well as ability to extend and customise the API itself.