This section describes the available API endpoints and how to access and expose them.

Draft and master

The Guillotine application exposes two endpoints per content project:

  • /site/<project-name>/draft - draft items

  • /site/<project-name>/master - published items

As an example, when running the Enonic SDK on your local machine, you may access the items of a project called blog, using the following URLs:

The endpoints handle both POST and GET methods, but GET method is only applicable for Subscriptions via WebSockets.

Custom domain

When setting up Enonic XP in production, the APIs will normally not be publicly accessible. Using Vhosts, you may expose the APIs and even providing custom domain names:

Examples for a project called myproject.

Example - mapping Live API to myapi.com
mapping.my-api.host = myapi.com
mapping.my-api.source = /
mapping.my-api.target = /site/myproject/master
Example - mapping Drafts API to example.com/api
mapping.my-api.host = example.com
mapping.my-api.source = /api
mapping.my-api.target = /site/myproject/draft

For more details about vhosts, check out the XP documentation

Starting from version 6.2.0, the Guillotine exposes a new GET /site/<project-name> endpoint to provide a query playground with GraphiQL UI, which can be enabled or disabled via config file com.enonic.app.guillotine.cfg

To enable the endpoint:


To disable the endpoint:


The default value is determined by the XP distribution type: on server-based distributions the endpoint is off, while on SDK-based distributions it is on.