Release Notes


Guillotine 6 Update 2

Release features

  • Upgrade GraphiQL to version 2.x.

  • Make Query Playground available on GET /site/<repo> endpoint.

Guillotine 6 Update 1

Release features

Query DSL and Highlight
  • Deprecated fields query and queryConnection in Query type are replaced with queryDsl and queryDslConnection for DSL expressions.

  • Added new input types for Query DSL and Highlight

  • Added new Enum types for DSL and Highlight


query and queryConnection fields in Query type are deprecated and will be removed in Guillotine 7.

Guillotine 6

This release includes breaking changes

Release features

Project level API

The Guillotine app now mounts to the root of all projects - automatically provisioning an API to all project branches root i.e. /site/<myproject>/<branch>.

Dynamic site context

With the API now being project-relative, setting the site context in a header enable you to perform site relative queries.

Global schema

The GraphQL type schema is generated from all available schemas (across all installed apps) in the Enonic instance.

Content Studio API browser

Guillotine also features an embedded GraphQL API browser called Query playground. Query Playground is available directly in Content Studio, in context of your projects.

Typed x-data schemas

Like for all other schemas, x-data are now also fully typed - grouped by application key. See examples of xData usage

Breaking changes

Site deployment removed

You may no longer add this application to a site, and get a contextual API. Use the site context header, or embed Guillotine in your application to replicate this functionality.

ItemSet and OptionSet type name fix

Previously, their types were erroneously generated from their schema label, rather than name. Clients using these types through introspection will break if label and name are different in the schemas.