React4XP - Building React sites with the Enonic framework


Hands on introduction to the React4XP framework - rendering components with JSX/TSX


It is recommended that you have completed the My First Site tutorial, as well as having a some knowledge of React before you dive into this tutorial.


React4XP facilitates advanced use of React when rendering pages with the Enonic framework.

  • enables you to use TSX/JSX as a templating language, similar to other XP templating engines

  • supports isomorphic server side and client side rendering with hydration

  • handles build flow with automated optimized asset serving

  • is modular and flexible enough to cover many advanced use cases

Tutorial overview

After getting set up, you start with three basic lessons:

The following five lessons present a more advanced use cases:

Dive deeper

Have an urge for details beyond the basic tutorial, check out the Appendix section.


Questions, bug reports or suggestions are welcome!