Next.js + Enonic XP = Next.XP


This is a step-by-step tutorial on building and managing Next.js sites, using Enonic XP as the backend. The combined set of software and tools used in this tutorial is simply called Next.XP.

Impatient? Skip to the end of the tutorial and get a live demo by following these instructions.


Next.XP provides an opinionated out-of-the-box integration between Enonic XP and Next.js for building websites.

It offers content editors a familiar and hassle-free way of working with content, using structured content, component based landing pages, and extensive control over the site’s URL structure.

Looking to access and use Enonic’s API directly? Check out the Introduction guide, or the in-depth developer 101 tutorial.

cloud preview

This tutorial assumes you are somewhat familiar with Next.js. Experience with Enonic is nice, but not required. Visit our Tutorials for an introduction to Enonic.

You will complete the following steps:

  • Set up the Enonic SDK and sample content

  • Get familiar with the headless API

  • Learn about the site concept in Enonic

  • Create a Next.js app using a template

  • Activate live preview in Enonic

  • Render content based on type

  • Build landing pages using components

  • Create page templates

  • Learn about static rendering in Next.js

  • Deploy to live servers