Explorer Admin



The Explorer administrative interface enable search administrators to define and manage how data is collected and then exposed through fine tuned interfaces.


From the Enonic XP admin interface: Click XP meny → Explorer. This will launch the Explorer Admin interface.

Only users with "Explorer Admin" or "System Admin" roles can access the interface.

Home page

The Explorer home page provides the ability to quickly search across all of your indexed documents.

Explorer home page

From the top bar, you can access the Explorer menu to navigate across the various pages of the Explorer Admin.

Explorer menu expanded

Additionally, the top bar will have information about your installed license (unlock additional features), as well as current user and the conventional XP menu on the right hand side.


Sample list of entities

The different Explorer pages provide an entity list view. From here you can perform various actions.


Green plus create icon

When supported, a big green + icon at the bottom right of the page enables you to crate new entities.

Standard actions

Sample list of entities

From the right hand side of each entry in the list, perform standard actions like Edit,Copy and Delete by clicking the respective action icon.

Custom actions

Selected entities support custom actions. Such actions are listed on the left hand side.

Custom actions listed on the left hand side

In the above example, one entity supports the Collect action while the other does not.