Release Notes


Next.XP Demo 2

Support for shortcuts

Next.XP now supports base:shortcut content types. Note, that shortcuts are not displayed in Page Editor because there is nothing to edit.

Support Next.js localization

You can now use multi-language Next.js projects with Next.XP, both in Content Studio and stand-alone. All that is needed for that, on top of the i18n section in next.config.js, is installing guillotine application (if you don’t have it already) and adding a new environmental variable called ENONIC_PROJECTS. You can read more in the upgrade section.

Changes to nextjs url/secret configuration

There is no more url and secret inputs in the next.xp application configuration. Instead, there is a dropdown allowing to select named configuration from the app-nextxp configuration file. Format of that file has also been changed to support that.

Other improvements

  • Static generation for every locale

  • Static paths query is non-recursive now and queries all content in one request per-repository

  • You can configure different site names for different locales

  • All environmental variabales now have ENONIC_ prefix to avoid collisions