Go Online


Now that the setup of Hello World site is completed, it’s time to publish.

  1. Select the Hello World site in the content browse panel

  2. Select Publish Tree from the top right action menu. The Publishing Wizard will now appear

  3. Several In progress items are blocking publishing - click Mark as ready to fix this.

  4. click Publish!

Demonstrating how to publish all items in the project

What just happened? In Content Studio, you work in the draft branch. When publishing, the selected items are merged from draft to the master branch

You can see the published site and the master branch on this url: http://localhost:8080/site/myfirstsite/master/hello-world.

Well done!

🎉 Congratulations on building your first Enonic site - The Enonic team.
To learn more about structured content modelling, and the GraphQL API, visit our Developer 101 tutorial.