Content Storage


Content in XP is stored in Content Projects, each having its own underlying repository. In a clean new instance of XP there’s only one project (called "Default") which cannot be deleted but can be disabled using the configuration file.

Users with privileged permissions can create their own Content Projects and localise content in these projects using Content Layers, which essentially is a special type of project inheriting content from an upstream project while enabling localisation into a specific language.

Each project/layer (except for the default one) can be set up with independent access level and a set of default permissions for new content.

Content that is no longer needed can be deleted for good or put into Archive for future reference. Each project/layer has its own Archive.

Project Context

If current user has access to more than one project or layer, he/she will be asked to select the context after opening Content Studio.

Project context

Project context can be switched at any time by using project selector in the Content Studio header:

Project switcher
Issues are context-dependent which means that an issue can be accessed only from inside the project it was created in.

Current project context is also shown in the Content Wizard header:

Context in Content Wizard
If the Default project is hidden via config file and a logged-in user doesn’t have access to any projects and has necessary permissions, he/she will be asked to create a new Content Project using multistep wizard.
No projects