Content Archive


Archive is a default action for removing a content that is no longer needed. When content is archived, it will not be physically deleted but moved to a separate storage where it can be restored from. If you need to completely remove the content, use Delete action in the "Archive/Delete" dialog.

Archive content

Archiving is done from the "Archive" dialog. A content item will always be archived along with all of its descendant items to preserve content structure. If any of the content items to be archived/deleted are referenced by another content (which isn’t going to be archived/deleted as well), this will be reflected with a "link" icon over content item’s icon.

Archive item(s) dialog

To delete content instead of archiving it, select "Delete" from the button’s dropdown menu:

Delete action in the dropdown

Both for Archive and Delete operations user will be asked to confirm the action before it’s executed.

Online content will instantly go offline after archiving or deleting. Deleted content will be physically removed and can only be restored via snapshot restore.

Archive/restore in layers

  • A content item will always be automatically archived in all child layers of current project/layer except for those where it’s localised.

  • When a new layer is created, it automatically inherits archive of its parent project/layer

  • When an inherited (non-localised) content is moved to archive directly in a layer, it will not be recreated in the "main" storage even though it’s there in the parent project/layer. It’s an effective way to "clean up" a layer of unwanted content items inherited from the parent project/layer.

  • If content is deleted from a layer’s archive, it will be recreated in the layer’s "main" storage (as long as it still exists in the parent), unless it was originally localised in the layer.

View archived content

Access to Archive requires Content Studio+
Archived contents

Click "Archive" icon in the vertical menu bar on the left side to open the "Archive" section. The view is very similar to the Content Navigator, with some exceptions:

  • Only "Restore" and "Delete" actions are available. "Restore" will put selected content back to its original location while Delete will physically remove selected content.

  • Preview will only work for media items (images, videos etc.)

  • Widget selector has only two choices: Details and Version History

In the preview panel on the right you can see who and when archived the item, and what its original path was.

Archived contents

Restore content

Archived content can only be restored from the Archive section which requires Content Studio+

Use Restore action to restore selected archived content via "Restore from Archive" dialog. Content will always be restored along with all of its descendant items to preserve content structure.

If a content item is restored directly from a Content layer’s archive, it will be automatically localised/unlinked from the content in parent project/layer.

Restore of archived content
If it’s not possible to put content back to its original location (for example, if original path is taken), the system will try to append "-1", "-2" etc. to path of the content being restored.

Version History

Archive and Restore operations will be reflected in the Version History widget of a content item.

Version history