Release Notes


Release Notes for Content Studio 3.x can be found here

Content Studio 4 Update 1

Content Studio 4.1 requires XP 7.9.0 or higher.

Content Security Policy

Content Studio 4.1 enforces Content Security Policy (CSP) to prevent cross-site scripting, clickjacking and other code injection attacks resulting from execution of malicious content in the trusted web page context. CSP can be configured or turned off completely (except for Page Editor) via config file.

New widget interface

Support of new widget interface allows injection of "full-screen" widgets which will be seamlessly added to the Content Studio top menu.

Top menu widgets


In collaboration mode Content Wizard’s header will display avatar icons of all users simultaneously editing the content or simply having it opened.

This feature is experimental and has to be turned on via config file.

"Set default" in date/time pickers

"Set Default" button will be displayed for Date, Time and DateTime inputs with <default> value set in the schema.

Set default button

Customisable Numbered and Bulleted lists in HTML Area

It’s now possible to change styling of Numbered and Bulleted lists in HTML Area by right-clicking the list and selecting list style from the dropdown.

HTML Area List

Other improvements

Content Studio 4

Content Studio 4.0 requires XP 7.8.0 or higher.

Content Archive

Archive now effectively replaces Delete as default action for removing content that is no longer needed. When archived, content will be moved to a separate storage where it can safely be restored from, rather than physically deleted. It’s still possible to immediately delete content using the dropdown menu in the Archive dialog.

Full documentation of the Content Archive feature can be found here.

Archive dialog
Access to archived contents and restore operation is provided by Content Studio+ application which requires Enonic license.
Archive section
Restore content

Visualisation of inbound references in the Archive dialog

When archiving/deleting content it’s important to visualise if the content about to be archived/deleted has any inbound references as the archive/delete operation may potentially break rendering of the content structure. Previously, inbound references were displayed only for the items selected for deletion (but not for their descendants). Starting from version 4.0 visualisation of inbound references in the Delete/Archive dialog has been improved: a special icon will be displayed for all items that have inbound references, and if at least one of the items is referenced then there will be a separate warning about that at the top of the dialog.

Inbound references in the Archive dialog

Spell check in TextLine and TextArea input types

TextLine and TextArea inputs are now automatically checked for spelling errors.

Spell checking in TextLine

Read more about spell checking here

Support disabling of content path transliteration

By default, content path in the Content Form will be auto-generated based on a value typed into the display name field and all the international letters will be automatically transliterated into their english equivalents (for example, "/øåæ" becomes "/oaae", "/рыба" becomes "/ryba" etc.)

It’s now possible to turn off automatic transliteration by setting contentWizard.allowPathTransliteration property to false in the Content Studio’s config file.

Image Component is deprecated

Image Component has been deprecated in favour of Text Component which can be used for embedding images and has a richer UI than Image Component used to have. Existing image components on your page will continue working, but you won’t be able to add a new one.

Responsive Context panel

When docked, Context panel will responsively change its width based on available space with 25/75 ratio relative to the Preview panel (in the Content Browse view) or Page Editor panel (in the Content Wizard view).

Responsive Context panel

Bigger dropdowns in selectors

Height of all selector dropdowns has been increased to allow for more visible items (9 instead of 4 in Content selectors and 3 in Image selectors).

Content selector Image selector

Upgrade notes for Content Studio 4.x

Admin API

Admin API has been moved from XP core to Content Studio and starting from version 4.0.0 resides directly in the Content Studio app. This will help us release Content Studio without having to change XP and release a new version of the platform. URLs of Admin API have been changed as well. Admin API was never intended for external use, but beware of that if you had any custom integration with Content Studio’s Admin API then this will stop working from version 4.0. As this migration affected XP as well, Content Studio 4.x requires XP 7.8.0 or higher.

Config allowing <script> tag in the Rich Editor

Due to security concerns, we have removed the configuration setting allowing <script> tag in the Rich Editor. If you are using inline scripts in your HtmlArea inputs or Text components, those will be stripped out the next time you save the content.

Dropped support of Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer is no longer supported by Content Studio.