There are two types of issues in Content Studio: tasks and publish requests.

Tasks are used to assign general tasks, like spellcheck an article, or add new content to a site. Publish Requests are typically used when you have made some changes to a content which you want someone else to approve and publish.

Issues list

"Open Issues" button in the Content Studio header opens the modal dialog with the list of issues (both tasks and publish requests). If there are no active issues, the button will say "No Open Issues".

Issues button

The list by default shows all active issues. Use Open/Closed toggler to switch between Open and Closed issues.

Issues list
Tasks and Publish Requests are using different icons to make it easier to distinguish them.

By using the filter above the list you can narrow down the list to issues assigned to current user, created by current user, only Publish Requests or only task. By default, if you have any active issues assigned to you, the filter will be preset to show you only them.

Filter in the Issues list

To create a new task, click the New Task… button.

Clicking on an issue from the list will open the issue details dialog.


Create a task

To create a new task, click "Create Task…​" button in the Content Studio toolbar.

Create Task

If some content items are selected in the Content Navigator, you can expand the toolbar menu and select either "Create Task…​" or "Request Publishing…​". In this case selected items will be automatically added to a new issue you are about to create.

Create Task

You can assign multiple users to work on an issue, using the Assignees selector, but you can’t assign yourself.

To add specific content to an issue, click on the Add items button. The Items selector will appear.

New task

You can read about creating a new Publishing Request in a dedicated workflow section.

Update an issue

To modify an issue, click on it in the Issue list dialog. It will open the dialog with three tabs.

Click the title to edit it, then click anywhere outside of the text field to save the changes.

Under the title you will see the status of the current issue. It can be Open or Close. Click this button to change the issue status. Altenatively, you can use Close Task button (for an active issue) or Reopen Task (for a closed issue).

Issue title and comments


The first tab shows comments on the current issue. Comments can be added by clicking the Comment button.

When you are in the comment field, "Close Task" button changes to "Comment & Close Task" to comment and close with one click.

To edit or delete a comment, click on the kebab icon to the right of the comment, that will show the menu with those two options. The number next to the tab title shows the total number of comments.


On the second tab, you can update the list of content items in this issue. There can be multiple items or no content at all. Child/dependent items of the selected content can be toggled by clicking on the tree icon next to the content item.

If you are inside a task and click the Publish…​ button, you will be taken to the Publishing Wizard where you can publish items immediately or schedule publishing. For a Publish Request you can publish items or schedule publish directly from this dialog.

The number next to the tab title shows the total number of content items inside the issue.

Issue content


On the third tab, assignees can be added and removed from this issue. The number next to the tab title shows the total number of assignees.

Issue assignees