Release Notes


Release Notes

Release Notes for Content Studio 2.x can be found here
Content Studio 3 requires XP 7.3.0 or later.

Upgrade notes


Deprecation of HtmlImports in the new release might affect widgets that worked correctly inside a previous version of Content Studio. Should you notice that some widget installed from Enonic Market stopped working, we recommend checking if there’s a new version of this application on the Market.

If you have developed your own widget that no longer works, check if rendering is dependent on readiness of HTMLImports object in the global scope. If it does, a fix is suggested below:

Main client-side JS asset in Content Studio 2.x
window['HTMLImports'].whenReady(function() {
    ...rendering here...
The same in Content Studio 3.x
(() => {
    ...rendering here...

If you used shortcuts to open Content Wizard for a specific content item via direct link, this will stop working. After introduction of Content Projects, internal links in Content Studio include project context.

Content Studio 2.x: https://<host>/admin/tool/<contentId>

Content Studio 3.x: https://<host>/admin/tool/<projectId>/edit/<contentId>

Content Studio 3

Language support

We are continuing to expand multi-language support in Content Studio. Version 3.0 welcomes addition of Italian and Belarussian, increasing the number of supported languages to 10: Belarussian, English, French, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Swedish.

Content Projects

Content Projects allow separating content into several independent repositories (for example thematically, by country etc.). Each project can have its own default language and roles, and be set up as Public, Private or with custom read permissions. Initially there is just one default project, but you can create and manage new projects in the new Settings section (accessible via new top-level menu on the left-hand side).

If current user has permissions for several projects, he/she will be asked to select one of them when opening Content Studio. User always works in the context of a project. Issues have also become context-dependent, which means that issues are accessible only inside the project they were created in.

Read more about Content Projects in the dedicated section.

XP 7.3.0 offers new API for managing Content Projects.

Version Comparison

With the new Version Comparison dialog it’s now possible to compare two versions of the same content side by side. The dialog can be accessed from the Version History widget. You can revert to any version of the content directly from the same dialog.

Light skin

As the first step to support of custom skins, Content Studio 3.0 introduces light skin for the header and other visual elements.

Light skin

UI improvements

Several minor but important visual improvements have been implemented in Content Studio 3:

  • Access step is removed from the Content Wizard form. Content permissions can be managed via modal dialog that opens on with the lock icon in the toolbar.

  • New style of highlighting invalid controls upon form validation:

Invalid fields
  • Fieldset is highlighted with a shallow border on the left side:

  • Modal dialogs take up the entire screen height in mobile resolution:

Modal dialog