Release Notes


Release Notes for Content Studio 4.x can be found here

Content Studio 5 Update 1

Content Studio 5.1 requires XP 7.13.0 or higher.

Improved move operation

  • Move Content dialog: New "Project root" node on top of the content tree to make it more obvious how to move content to the root. Previously one had to click "Move" button with no target content selected.

  • Move Content dialog: "Move" button is disabled until new parent node is selected.

  • It’s now possible to move content from inside the Content Editor

  • Notification about successful move includes the new parent’s path which can be clicked to locate and expand the new parent inside the Content Navigator.

Move dialog
Move notification

Improved auto-exclusion of optional dependencies

The new mode for auto-exclusion of optional dependencies in the Publishing Wizard, originally introduced in Content Studio 5.0, has been improved to not hide the auto-excluded dependencies but keep them visible (while still excluded) in the list.

Auto-excluded dependencies
This mode can be turned on in Content Studio’s config file

Export of search results

Search results produced by Content Navigator’s Search Panel can now be exported into a CSV file using the download icon next to the Search Panel’s free-text search field. The file will contain the following fields: Id, Path, Creator, Modifier, Created, Modified, Owner, Content Type, Display Name, Language, Published From, Published Until, First Published.

Search export

New Find/Replace dialog in Rich Text Editor

The old Find/Replace dialog in the Rich Text Editor that used to cover the text it was searching inside has been replaced with the new inline dialog that allows editor to use the search/replace functions without blocking the source text.


Locked path for published content

Previously, editor had to click the "lock" icon next to the locked path input inside the Content Editor, in order to rename a published content. That icon is now removed and the path itself has to be clicked to open the Rename content dialog.

Other improvements

  • Improved responsiveness in the Content Navigator

  • Improved synchronisation between the Content Form’s Page Components tree and components inside the Page Editor

  • When a published item has been first moved, then modified its status will be shown as Moved, Modified (previously just Moved)

  • "Show changes" link for comparison of publishing modifications is replaced with an icon

  • New icon for switching the project context

Content Studio 5

Content Studio 5.0 requires XP 7.13.0 or higher.

Default Content Project is hidden by default

Default Content Project is no longer available in Content Studio without tweaking the config file.

If you need the Default project (for example, you already have content in it and want to continue working with it after upgrading to Content Studio 5), enable it via Content Studio’s config file.

Page Components View

Page Components View, which used to be a floating modal window inside Page Editor, is now made a part of the Content Editor form. It will be automatically undocked whenever the Content Form is collapsed.

Page Components view - Docked
Page Components view - Floating

Publishing Wizard improvements

It’s now possible to auto-exclude optional dependencies of selected content from publishing batch via Content Studio’s config file.

A new URL type option Tel in the Rich Editor’s "Insert Link" dialog enables adding call links.

Page Components view - Docked

Other improvements

  • Preview panel won’t be auto-expanded for a site until there’s at least one controller from apps assigned to the site.

  • Content Selector displays status of selected content items.

  • Widgets inside Content Studio have been localised to other languages than English