Enonic XP 7 documentation


Welcome to the Enonic XP reference documentation

Quick start? Head over to our Quick start guide to install our CLI, SDK and build your first XP app in a few minutes.

Platform Introduction

Enonic XP is a modern stack, customizable content platform

  • Custom content modelling

  • Rich GraphqQL API

  • Move content and configuration between environments

  • Build custom back-ends using JavaScript

  • Integrate with 3rd party identity providers

  • Bring-your-own front-end, or use the platform’s framework

  • Ready-made starters available on https://market.enonic.com


For detailed specifications of our various platform APIs, visit the API section

Release notes

Curious about whats new, or how to upgrade from a previous version of XP? Check out the release notes.

If you are looking to upgrade from a previous version of XP, check out the Upgrade documentation