Enonic XP 7 documentation


Welcome to the Enonic XP reference documentation

Quick start? Head over to our Getting Started guide to install our CLI, SDK and build your first XP app in a few minutes.

Platform Introduction

Enonic XP is a fullstack JavaScript application platform and CMS in one

We like to call it a "Web Operating System". Enonic XP offers the essential services and tools required to build and maintain highly scalable web apps and sites.

Build your own applications, or use existing from the Enonic Market place. Applications are primarily written in JavaScript, but can also include Java, since the platform runs on top of the Java Virtual Machine.


For detailed specifications of our various platform APIs, visit the API section

Release notes

Curious about whats new, or how to upgrade from a previous version of XP? Check out the release notes.

If you are looking to upgrade from a previous version of XP, check out the Upgrade documentation