Sandboxes are independent Enonic XP development environments

Using CLI, and sandbox may be created and started with the following commands: enonic sandbox create, enonic sandbox sttart.

Below, we dive into details of manually setting up and starting sandboxes:

Download distro

Start by downloading an Enonic XP distribution file. This is essentially the software version of the Enonic XP platform.

Distros for your architecture can be downloaded from the Enonic repo. Look for folders named enonic-xp-<architecture>-sdk.

Only distros ending with sdk are suitable for development purposes

Starting sandbox

After downloading and unzipping the distro, Enonic XP can be started on your local machine with the following command:


Where <architecture> and <version> match the distro you downloaded.

Multiple sandboxes

If you wish to run multiple Sandboxes, this can be done by copying the home folder (located within your distro) to a new location. Then, use the XP_HOME environment variable to let XP know where to find it.


Defaults to the $DISTRO_FOLDER/home/ folder

To set these variables use one of the following approaches:

export XP_HOME=/path/to/home
set XP_HOME=c:\path\to\home