Layout components


Use layouts to organize components in columns or for other appearance effects.


Layouts are primarily used to visually organize or format your page. Layouts should always contain regions, and may optionally be used in combination with forms.


Create a layout by placing a descriptor file in your project, like this: `src/main/resources/site/layouts/<layout-name>/<layout-name>.xml.

Similar to the page descriptor, the layout descriptor supports both schema forms and regions.

Sample layout with three regions
  <display-name>3 regions</display-name>
  <form />
    <region name="left"/>
    <region name="main"/>
    <region name="right"/>

Here is what an empty layout with tree regions might look like in Content Studio’s visual page editor:

Layout selected in the page editor


Layouts can be rendered using your favorite front-end framework.

Visit the component rendering section for details on rendering layouts with the Enonic Framework.