NoSQL Data Store


Enonic XP ships with a unique and powerful document-oriented data storage built on the shoulders of popular search engine Elasticsearch.


When designing XP, we carefully evaluated existing and popular technologies from Git, file systems, object storage, SQL, the Java Content Repository, and various search and NoSQL solutions. However, we were unable to find any single solution that supported our requirements to functionality, performance, simplicity and technology. So, we decided to build our own solution.

The result is now a central part of Enonic XP, called the "Data store".


The XP Data store enables you to persist, index, query and access data of virtually any kind, fast and efficiently. Below is a highlight of the capabilities provided:

  • Create multiple Repositories within a single XP deployment

  • Store documents aka Nodes hierarchically, no schema required

  • Nodes contain key-value entries called Properties

  • Query your data using an SQL inspired Query language

  • Use Aggregations to access powerful statistics on your data

  • Visualize your search results with Highlighting

  • Versions are created automatically for every modification of a node

  • Supports Access Control down to a single document

  • Git inspired Branches enable you to stage and promote your data

  • Editors eliminate the need for update statements


Data persisted in XP can be managed through various applications and interfaces, but common relevant actions are: