Application config


Applications may be configured via file.

Config folder

Your development environment (aka sandbox), can read application-specific configurations files and provision this to each app. By default, it will scan the folder located in $XP_HOME/config/

The config folder also contains the standard XP configuration files.

Config file

Simply adding or updating a file called <appname>.cfg in the config folder will automatically restart your application, and provision the new configuration values.

This is a hot restart, and will typically be very fast. XP itself does not need to be restarted.

If you’re operating an XP cluster, the configuration file should be copied to every server node - this is because XP by default will run all applications on every node in the cluster.

Accessing config

Developers can easily access the application’s config via the JavaScript controllers.

Given the following configuration file:


secretkey = 123456789

The value can be optained using a single line of code:

Sample JS controller
var myKey = app.config.secretkey;