RadioButton input type


An input type for selecting one of the available options defined in the config element.


<input name="myradiobutton" type="RadioButton">
  <label>My RadioButton</label>
  <occurrences minimum="1" maximum="1"/>  (1)
    <option value="one" i18n="option_one.label">Option One</option>  (2)
    <option value="two" i18n="option_two.label">Option Two</option>
  <default>one</default>  (3)
1 occurrences only make supports minimum=1 or 0 - maximum will always be 1.
2 option elements and the @value attribute defines the actual value to store when the option is selected. Multiple option elements are allowed and ordered. Optional i18n attribute can be used to localise the option label.
3 default is optional, and may be equal to one of the option values.


A simple input for adding free-text tags. Tags will be autocompleted based on tags in other items with the same property name.

<input name="mytag" type="Tag">
  <label>My Tag</label>
  <occurrences minimum="0" maximum="0"/>