Date input type


A simple field for dates with a calendar pop-up box in the admin console. The default format is yyyy-MM-dd.


<input name="mydate" type="Date">
  <label>My Date</label>
  <default>2011-09-12</default>  (1)
1 default date value to be used. The format for the default date value can be:
  • Date in ISO 8601 format: yyyy-MM-dd (e.g. "2016-12-31")

  • Relative date expression (e.g. "+1year -12days")

A relative date expression is a sequence of one or more date offsets.
An offset consists of: a plus or minus sign, followed by an integer, followed by a date unit string (e.g. "+3 days")

Table 1. Unit strings
Singular Plural initial letter













An offset can also be the string now, which means current date.

If <default> value is set for an input, the Date picker will display "Set default" button for setting the default value with one click.

Date selector with default value