Component service


The component service enables rendering of contextual page components directly :8080/site/<repo>/<branch>/<path-to-page>/_/component/<component-path>

Component rendering pipeline

Page components may also be directly accessed. For instance, one may render only the first part within in a page’s main region.

The url pattern for direct rendering is: :8080/site/<repo>/<branch>/<path-to-page>/_/component/<region>/#. i.e. :8080/site/default/master/mysite/_/component/main/0`.

Component rendering

In this mode, only the component rendering step (as described above) will be executed.

By implementing or any other HTTP methods in the component controller, it may also be used to act as the backend for your component.

Developers may also check if a component is rendered inline, or directly by using the request context. This may for instance be used to produce JSON in direct rendering mode rather than HTML, which is mandatory for inline mode.